North America
Map of North American Continent

The Spanish-speaking countries in North America are:

Costa Rica. 

The capital is San Josť.
Flag of Costa RicaMap of Costa Rica.

The capital is Havana.
Flag of CubaMap of Cuba

The Dominican Republic
The capital is Santo Domingo.
Flag of the Dominican Republic.Map of the Dominican Republic

El Salvador.
The capital is San Salvador.
Flag of El Salvador.Map of El Salvador


The capital is Guatemala City.

Flag of Guatemala.Map of Guatemala.

The capital is Tegucigalpa.
Flag of Honduras.Map of Honduras.

The capital is Mexico City.
Flag of Mexico.Map of Mexico.

The capital is Managua.
Flag of NicaraguaMap of Nicaragua.

The capital is Panama City.
Flag of Panama.Map of Panama.

Puerto Rico.
The capital is San Juan.
Flag of Puerto Rico.Map of Puerto Rico.

The United States has no official language, but since Spanish is widely spoken there, it is sometimes counted among the Spanish-speaking countries.
The capital is Washington DC.
Flag of the United States.Map of the USA

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