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Thanksgiving Painting
Traditional Story
Primary Sources
Wamsutta's Speech
Review Questions

                    HISTORY AND MYTH

Created by Sasha Endo
for ICC 523: Integrating Technology in the Second Language Classroom
SUNY Cortland

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            As we teach students about the language, history, and culture of the United States, it is sometimes tempting to present only the most well-known, often-told stories of this country and its past.  However, for every holiday that people celebrate, there are many different stories and experiences to share and understand.

           This website is intended to give students a chance to explore an array of viewpoints about the history of Thanksgiving, and to practice using many related vocabulary words as they do so.

  • Students will be able to define 20 vocabulary words that connect to the Thanksgiving story
  • Students will be able to summarize the traditional story of the "First Thanksgiving"
  • Students will be able to explain the historical details that contradict the traditional Thanksgiving story
  • Students will be able to make inferences about reasons that some people might protest against the Thanksgiving holiday

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