El vocabulario
el día de los muertos   

el atolean ancient drink made from cornmeal and water
las calacasskeleton figures
las calaverasskull (las calaveras de azúcar = sugar skulls)
"La Catrina"Female skeleton figure created by the artist José Guadalupe Posada. Symbolizes "a wealthy woman"
CempzuchitlA yellow marigold flower. The flower of the dead.
la cruzcross
el copalincense .  The incense is used as a way to guide the dead to their altars.
Día de todos los santosAll Saints Day
papel picadocolorful, cut tissue paper with intricate designs 
Iluminaciona ceremony that takes place in the cemeteries.  Candles are lit to guide the dead to their families.  
molea think, regional sauce made from chiles, sesame seeds, herbs and many other ingredients including chocolate.
la ofrendaThe offerings placed at the altars.  These are the goods that are offered to the dead when they arrive.  
el pan de muertobread of the dead

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