Create Your Own Poem!
Now is your chance to get creative! Use the poem outline below to create your own "Sick" poem using rhyming words. The lines have been started for you, just type in the text box to complete each line. Remember, poems can be serious or funny, just be sure that your poem reflects who you are. Good luck and have fun! Be sure to print a copy of this page when you are done!
Sick in Bed
Illustration by Shel Silverstein, from "Sick" in Where the Sidewalk Ends © 1974 Evil Eye Music, Inc.

Suggestions for Success:
  1. Use Rhyming Words (Rhyming words are words that sound the same or similar at the end)
  2. Keep it simple! (Do not try to write really long sentences...they will not fit!)
  3. Be Yourself (Think about how you feel when you get sick and use that to write your poem)
  4. **Remember, you can always ask someone for help to think of words that rhyme!
Sick by
Inspired by the poem "Sick" by Shel Silverstein from his book,  Where the Sidewalk Ends
I cannot go to school today,

I feel so

My head

My brain

My back

I think

My legs

My arms

My stomach

I can hardly

I wish today was

Then I would be    

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