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Juanes was born in Medellín, Colombia.
In 2000, Juanes released his solo debut Fíjate Bien.
The album earned him three Latin Grammys for
Best New Artist, Best Rock Solo Vocal Album, and Best Rock Song.

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1.) Juanes' song is called "Volverte a Ver."  Based on the title, what do you think the song is about?

2.)  Listen to the first part of the song.    
 Based on what you hear, what do you think song is about?  How does this compare to your first response?

3.)  This time, listen to the song,  and list what four things the singer would give in order to "volverte a ver."

Daría lo que fuera por volverte a ver
Daría hasta mi y mi , mis y mi .

4.)  Listen to the next portion of the song,       and  fill in what the singer's life is without the person he is singing to.

Porque sin ti, mi vida yo

Porque sin ti, mi vida

Ni una 

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