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Read through some common questions 6 Second Abs customers have, and if you still have questions or concerns, use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us.

What is the delivery time for standard shipping?
With regular shipping, you will receive your 6 Second Abs shipment DIRECT FROM CHINA about 10 weeks after you placed your order.

What is the delivery time for Rush shipping?
If you paid extra for Rush shipping, you will receive your 6 Second Abs shipment in 5 weeks after you placed your order.

How can I contact 6 Second Abs customer service?
If you already ordered 6 Second Abs, you can reach Customer Service by e-mail (we will respond in a couple days if you're lucky, Monday - Friday) or by calling 1-800-678-1239. We usually don't pick up.

Can I order 6 Second Abs with a Check?
your money, is our money! Quick write the check stupid!

Can I just mail in my order?
You can mail your check, but please allow an additional 4 weeks for processing. Please make your checking account has lots of money so we can add extra hidden charges.

Can I use 6 Second Abs if I am pregnant?
6 Second Abs is not intended for pregnant women or people with a brain.

Is 6 Second Abs available in any retail stores?
Absoultly we've paid the retailers to get in on the scam as well, duh!

Shipping Information:
Regular shipping: 10 weeks
Rush shipping: 5 business weeks

New Orders Only:

By Mail:
PO Box 8349
Van Nuys, CA 91406-9998

Customer Service:

Customer Service Hours
Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 1:00pm PT
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed


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