Past-Present Tense Verb Glossary

Regular Verbs:

- present tense: answer
definition: to speak or write in response to

dared - present tense: dare
definition: to have the necessary courage or boldness

knocked - present tense: knock
definition: to strike a sounding blow with a fist or knuckles  

lived- present tense: live
    definition: having a certain kind or extent of life

opened - present tense: open
definition: to afford access; to render the interior of

pulled - present tense: pull
definition: to draw or haul toward oneself; draw or tug at with force 


replied  - present tense: reply
    definition: to make an answer in words or writing; to answer

suited - present tense: suit
    definition: to be appropriate or becoming to

Irregular Verbs:

ate - present tense: eat
definition: to take into the mouth and swallor for nourishment


brought - present tense: bring
definition: to carry, convey, conduct, or cause

came - present tense: come
definition: to approach or move toward a particular area

met - present tense: meet
definition: to come into the presence of

ran - present tense: run
    definition: to move with haste; move quickly


said - present tense: say
definition: to utter or pronouse; to speak

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