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 Challenge Courses

The heart of every Challenge Course is to help individuals and groups reach their goals for growth.

To achieve this, ropes courses involve a number of both individual and group elements that challenge the group and indiviual physically as well as mentally.  In order to complete the challenges, a combination of both teamwork skills and individual committment is necessary.   

Although the individual's participation is encouraged, every element is a "challenge by choice."   This means that you choose the activities in which you will take part.  Pariticipation in every element is encouraged for the individuals and the team to achieve the most growth, but it is not required.

The Challenge Course is a great open to church, school, university, business, family, non-profit and other groups of all ages and denominations.
The elements used on the course can offer the following benefits to any group:

Improve self-confidence 

Enhance communication skills

Develop decision making skills 

Promote Trust

Improve physical fitness

                                Teach conflict resolution                                

Teache leadership skills

Increase individual responsibility

Develop groups cohesion

Build awareness of group process



Activities Low Elements High Elements

For more information on getting involved visit the Northside Community Police Center
or Adventures in the Workplace