About New York City Ballet and San Francisco Ballet

"One out of two dancers struggles with eating"

"Six out of ten dancers stop menstral cycle and can not have kids when they get older, due to extreme weight loss"

Ballet companies


San Francisco Ballet (sfb):

Qualifications for San Fransico Ballet:

"A well-proportioned slender body; straight and supple spine; legs that are well turned out from the hip joint and correctly arched feet."

Fredrika Keefer

At 4'1 and 64 pounds, Keefer was rejected from SFB, because she didn't "meet" the qualifications. Keefer's mom worked at the SFB and she thinks it has more to do with her weight. Kirssy Keefer, Fredrika's mom brought up a complant and is trying to make the school change it's tryouts so that they don't focus on weight, and more on skill. Former New York City Dancer Linda Hamilton responded to Krissy's reaction saying

"If a little girl is looking kind of stock, chances are she's not going to develop into a swan when she is sixteen and seventeen"

New York City Ballet

"New York City Ballet is said to change their pipes every 3-4 years because of the stomach acids from the girls throwing up erodes them"