New York City, Principle Ballet Dancer, Sara Mearns

Sara Mearns



Even principle dancer Sara Mearns isn't confident with her body type and always is saying how she can fix her body. Sara was interviewed by Ballet Shoes and Bobby Pins, they asked her what was her biggest thing she had to overcome and this is what she said,


"The most difficult thing that I have had to overcome (and I actually still haven’t on some days) is being hard on myself. I am my worst critic. I never give myself a break. There are very few moments, whether it be in the studio, at home, or watching myself on video, where I am OK with what I look like, dancing or other wise. I am very self-conscious of my face, my body. I don’t have a typical dancers body. I am a woman with woman hips and butt and very broad shoulders and a short neck. I don’t have great turnout and most of the time I don’t think my feet looked pointed. I could go on and on. This vision of myself has been the hardest thing to get over and to this day, I still have trouble with it. I have a hard time not comparing myself to someone else and asking, “Why don’t I look like them?” The one place where I feel like my best self and where I don’t judge any part of myself, is on stage. It’s an out-of-body experience, and all my criticisms of myself evaporate."