Alastair Macaulay:

"If you want to make your apperance irrelevant

to criticism, DO NOT

choose ballet."

Macaulay and his Collaboration with NYCB

Alastair is a dance critic for The New York Times. His critic for Jenifer Ringer on her role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, left people in a uproar. "Jenifer Ringer looks like she ate one too many suagar plums."

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Up close with our dancers

Jenifer Ringer

Jenifer speaks up after her critque on her role as the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Witness creation in action

Victoria Ferguson: Feeling in control

I was 15 when I developed bulimia. Only to get WORSE when she joined a professional dance school. "I knew it wasn't right, but I FELT IN CONTROL.

"There is an unspoken competitivness between dancers"

Witness creation in action

Rachel Parker: Ballet associates thinness to Beauty in the world.

"I got very ill and lost a lot of weight so when I came back to work I was expecting concern about my apperance, but instead I GOT PRAISED on how amazing I looked."

Rachel's spine was as weak as someone who would be 70 years old, and Rachel was only 20. This was due to years of poor diet and nutrients.

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