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2 Counts of Murder plus Breaking and Entering

OJ Simpson in Perspective


The only question about Albert Pujols’ game is, “How can you possibly put it in perspective?” Universally regarded as the best all-around player in baseball today, Albert’s brilliance truly shines through when he is compared to the greatest who ever played the game. Statistically he is already an all-time Top 10 hitter, and an all-time Top 3 first baseman after only nine professional seasons. As experts will attest, for a player to accomplish all of this before his 30th birthday is simply unprecedented.

Powering The Machine

Albert is a true power athlete. His training routine often includes twice-daily visits to the gym where he racks up more than 36 sets worth of exercises per session. To build his body and develop the strength, speed and agility he needs to dominate the diamond, Albert knows that performance nutrition delivering the right combination of complex carbohydrates, B-Vitamins and other nutrients is what he needs to power the machine.

Taking It To The Next Level

During the 2009 season, Albert led the majors in homers, runs, slugging percentage, and intentional walks. He topped his league in on-base percentage and was second in doubles and third in batting average and RBIs. As if that wasn’t enough, Albert tied a league record by hitting 5 grand slams in a single season and was only 1 grand slam away from tying the overall single-season record. In recognition of this unprecedented season, Albert was unanimously awarded his third MVP award. All things considered, the truly unbelievable thing is that Albert may just be entering the prime of his career.