Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett


The Kid Abides

Kevin Garnett has always let his actions and accomplishments speak for themselves, and by that standard, he may be one of the loudest players in the game today. Kevin exploded into professional ball right out of high school and quickly established himself as one of the most versatile and well-regarded players in the game. His intensity earned him twelve all-star team selections, four first team all-league selections, the MVP award, and a gold medal in 2000—just a few of the reasons he is a Wheaties® Champion.

Fueling Intensity

Kevin knows that he can’t eat just anything and then expect to be able to bring his legendary intensity to the court. That’s why Wheaties is proud to have him in our corner. Kevin knows that he needs whole grains to provide long-lasting energy, and B-vitamins to help his body to release that energy from the food he eats. For all of these reasons and more, Kevin wanted to make sure that every calorie and nutrient in the new Wheaties FUEL™ counted toward achieving peak performance.

Preparing To Win It All…Again

For the longest time, the only negative thing that anyone could say about KG was that he had yet to win a championship. That talk promptly stopped when, in June 2008, Kevin led his team to its first championship in more than 20 years. Unfortunately injury prevented KG from defending that title in 2009, but he is back this season and is ready to do whatever it takes to add a second championship to his already legendary resume.