You Better Eat Your Wheaties
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Muscle Recovery

Your future performance depends on how well you restore your muscle’s energy reserves after extended physical activity. New research suggests that a 100% whole-wheat flake cereal – like Wheaties – plus non-fat milk is effective for rebuilding your muscles’ glycogen stores to keep your muscles fueled for your next activity.

100% Whole Grain

The new food guidance system, MyPyramid, recommends at least three servings of whole grain a day (at least 48g). Do your whole grain duty with a serving of whole grain Wheaties for breakfast, substitute your regular sandwich bread for bread made with whole grain, and top off your day with popcorn for a snack. Remember to substitute in whole grain foods rather than add extra grain servings to your diet.

Jumpstart Your Metabolism

After sleep all night your body needs a healthy breakfast to re-charge for the day. Make your breakfast a hearty one, like a bowl of Wheaties topped with low-fat milk and bananas. Wheaties can also be a quick breakfast on the go! Jumpstart Your Metabolism and your day with a bowl of Wheaties, non-fat or 1% milk and a handful of berries.