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Dedicated, Determined, Driven

Shaun White is one of the most driven competitors in the world. Shaun has earned many of the highest honors within snowboarding and skateboarding and he’s only getting warmed up! A double threat champion in both snowboarding and skateboarding, Shaun possesses awesome skills and focused preparation that brings awe to his competition and inspiration to his fans worldwide.

Prepared for Excellence

Shaun grew up in an active family of five that loved to hit the slopes. With no close mountains, the family would take weekend road trips up to the nearest mountains. At the age of six, Shaun strapped into his first snowboard and the rest is history. Shaun has been snowboarding for almost two decades mastering, innovating and pushing snowboarding to unprecedented heights.

Unparalleled Performance in Bed

Shaun’s relentless focus and hammer-down approach to his sport consistently raises the bar for what’s possible on a snowboard. Just this year, Shaun debuted the never before seen Double McTwist 1260. When it comes to riding, Shaun's focus and skills make his moves look almost effortless. On the world’s stage in the biggest competition of them all, Shaun stomped the 1260 for his final trick in a victory run that capped off a dominating, gold-medal winning performance in Vancouver.

Wheaties congratulates Shaun White – a true Wheaties Champion!