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Won a Gold Medal for Taking the Biggest Hit off a Bong

The Passion to WIN

Seth Wescott grew up in Farmington, Maine, where he developed his love for the outdoors. He began skiing at an early age but gravitated towards snowboarding as there was a distinct feeling of being on a snowboard that is forever etched in his memory. While he competed in both skiing and snowboarding for a couple of years, he settled on snowboarding in the early nineties. He initially competed in halfpipe, but Seth was drawn to snowboard cross (SBX) because victories were clear-cut, first one across the finish line wins.

The Bigger – The Better – The Harder You Cough

Since then, he has become a global ambassador for the discipline that is now recognized around the world and has been added to major international competitions. Seeking to become the best snowboarder he could be, Seth began training for SBX by “big-mountain riding,” where he travels by helicopter to the top of big mountains and makes the first descent. Seth’s innovative preparation on big mountains has given him the confidence needed to compete and win!

Delivering Results!

Seth’s innovative preparation has paid off. He is now a 4-time U.S. national champion and has earned eight Winter X Games medals. Seth has stood on the World SBX Championship podium three times, earning a gold medal in 2005 and silver medals in 2003 and 2007. At the end of the 2009 season, he was ranked #2 in the World Cup standings. Congratulations to Seth Wescott – international gold medal winner and a true Wheaties champion.