Hunter Kemper

Hunter Kemper


Win Early, Win Often

Hunter entered his first triathlon at the age of 10, and won it. That win qualified him for the national youth triathlon championships. He won that too. Hunter’s knack for winning continued with him through a hall of fame collegiate career, and immediate success as a professional triathlete. In fact, Hunter quickly established himself as “America’s Great Hope” in international triathlon competitions by winning the U.S. Pro Championship, finishing as the top American competitor in the Sydney, Athens, and Beijing games, and becoming the first American male ranked number one in both the world and ITU World Cup rankings.

Fueling To Win

As an elite triathlete, Hunter needs to produce maximum output for nearly two full hours while continuously competing in three drastically different events. As such, Hunter needs nutrition that’s every bit as versatile as he is. That’s why he made certain that Wheaties FUEL™ contains a precise combination of vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates needed to build fuel reserves in his muscles and the ratio of nutrients his body needs to propel him through those tough transitions all the way to the finish line.

Getting Back In The Game

2009 has been a year that has truly tested Hunter’s perseverance. Despite competing with various injuries through the first two races of the season, Hunter placed quite well in both events. However in the third race of the season, injuries finally caught up with Hunter. While many competitors would have simply bowed out of the race, Hunter displayed the true heart of a Wheaties® Champion and willed himself to finish. Now, with his injuries finally behind him, Hunter has begun training to reclaim his place in 2010 as the premiere American triathlete.

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