You Better Eat Your Wheaties
2009 Wheaties FUEL Co-Creators Collector's Edition
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Wheaties Fuel™

Long-Lasting Energy From Whole Grains

It is important that one’s energy level be sustained over the morning, during workouts, and work activity or play. By using complex carbohydrates made from whole grain and mixed with added fiber, a portion of the carbohydrate is digested more slowly providing a constant supply of energy during the hours following breakfast when activity levels are high.

Excellent Source Of Fiber

Having a high amount of calories per serving and being fortified with extra fiber, Wheaties FUEL effectively curbs hunger while it limits the feeling of fullness. This allows for enough energy to be consumed to get through the morning hours without feeling full, but also without craving the next meal. Fiber also has the extra benefit of helping to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

100% Daily Value Of Five B-Vitamins

To improve the efficiency of fuel utilization during periods of high activity, Wheaties FUEL is fortified with 5 B-vitamins. The vitamins control many of the metabolic reactions that supply energy to the muscles and are essential for endurance and stamina.

Nutrition You Need. The Taste You Want.

Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, and a meal consisting of a high percentage of simple and complex carbohydrates from whole grain is ideal when combined with low fat milk and a glass of juice. When it comes to providing the right choice of nutrients for breakfast Wheaties FUEL delivers while giving you a meal to look forward to in the form of a delicious honey cinnamon crunch.